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Abril 28, 2015,
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 Maggie Moving Forward Maggie Moving Forward
Maggie Zepeda visited parks to explore the needs for play and sports areas for our children. With her best intentions for the city of Coachella, Maggie looks forward to a vote of confidence from the community. “I want to work for the betterment of our community, expand our opportunities especially....
 Maggie Zepeda Continues to Move Forward Maggie Zepeda Continues to Move Forward
Maggie Zepeda in her candidacy for Mayor of Coachella continues to move forward despite strong objections from the established political leadership who do not want a strong leader, woman on the council or as Mayor. Zepeda is an educational professional at the college level and brings with her a f....
 Maggie Zepeda Working 
for Your Trust Maggie Zepeda Working for Your Trust
Maggie Zepeda is currently serving the community as a city councilwoman and feels strongly she has more to offer and share with a community she loves. That is a prime reason she wants to be your mayor. Maggie advocates honesty and integrity and despite a strong resistance to her leadership from th....
 Maggie Zepeda Gaining Support for City of Coachella Mayor Maggie Zepeda Gaining Support for City of Coachella Mayor
Friends in support of Maggie brought lively music to an event to liven up the campaign after a hard day of walking neighborhoods. Maggie wants to meet as many voters as she can and allow them to voice their views. As a city councilwoman, she is already seen as an active participant and not afraid ....
 Maggie Zepeda For Coachella Mayor Maggie Zepeda For Coachella Mayor
That was the chant hundreds of attendees sang at a reunion of supporters this week-end in Coachella. Maggie is the first woman to run for the position of mayor. Other women including Lupe Dominguez and Silvia Montenegro served as Mayor when they had rotation of the council but never ran for the in....
  Running For Mayor Magdalena Zepeda, Coachella City Council Member
A glimpse at Maggie Zepeda and her credentials including her Master of Arts degree in Communications reveals an active participant in community and a more than qualified candidate. Maggie was born in Indio, California. She was rai sed in Thermal and Coachella throughout her childhood. Her ....
  This evening I had a chance to take in a wonderful performance by the Ramona B....
These young actors are truly remarkable and make our community proud!
  Two Big Winners of Tuesday Election
John Benoit easily won re-election for another term as Riverside County Supervisor. Besting challenger Perez by over 7,000 votes. Benoit who speaks Spanish has been a long time friend of the Latino community and deserves the win. Mike Hestrin won the election of Riverside County District Attorney....
  Congressional Candidate Brian Nestande is Flanked by tens of Veterans Voicing ....
Assemblyman and congressional candidate Brian Nestande is flanked by numerous veterans concerned with the gross negligence in veterans health care from the Veterans Administration. All made their feelings of concern known for the growing number of deaths due to non provision of health services to ....
  La Prensa Hispana Endorses Bonnie Garcia for State Senate
La Prensa Hispana, Inc. Board of Directors unanimously voted to endorse Bonnie Garcia for the office of State Senate. The board cited a life time of honorable service. Bonnie Garcia is the most qualified of all the candidates. Garcia has a degree in Workforce Development and is the only candidat....
  California Hispanic Media, Inc.- La Prensa Hispana Endorse John Benoit For Co....
California Hispanic Media, Inc. with two local newspapers, La Prensa Hispana and La Prensa del Valle de Coachella jointly selected and endorsed John Benoit as the most experienced and viable candidate for the position of Riverside County Board of Supervisors. John Benoit has been and continues to....
  Bonnie Garcia for Senate
Bonnie Garcia, Candidate for State Senate visited with friends and supporters in Coachella. Bonnie worked for the City of Coachella as a young lady before working for Jim Battin as a Field Representative and has many acquaintances in the city. Bonnie went on to become a successful three term assem....
  Kohl’s Department Stores to Donate $21,682 to John F. Kennedy Memorial Foundat....
PALM DESERT, CALIF., April, 2014 – Kohl’s Department Stores has awarded a grant to the John F. Kennedy Memorial Foundation under its Kohl’s Cares® program, which is committed to children’s health and education. The funds will support “Kohl’s Home Safety Program” to provide child-proofing home sa....
  Augustine Casino Celebrates With Sold Out Event
Augustine Casino held its 4th Annual Bar-B-Que celebration featuring live country music and the traditional bar-b-que ribs and chicken with all the trimmings of cole slaw and beans. There were plenty of beverages available, novelty booths and raffles including tickets for the Stagecoach Music Fes....
  Mike Hestrin Candidate for Riverside County District Attorney Joined by Suppor....
Mike Hestrin, who has been endorsed by every law enforcement organization in Riverside County was surrounded by friends at the patio of the Tack Room , Indio Empire Polo Club. Hestrin who is also fluent in Spanish gave a presentation of his goals for Riverside County law enforcement. At a time whe....
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