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Abril 21, 2015,
The Hispanic Voice
Puertas Hispanas

 A View Down the Road A View Down the Road
Democrats are striving to come to terms with “one” political candidate for the 2016 presidential campaign. Republicans have not yet learned the lessons of years past. In the very near future Republicans will again have to contend with the five dogs and one bone intensive infighting which leaves th....
 Immigration vs. Humanitarianism Immigration vs. Humanitarianism
A recent study by a non governmental entity in Mexico sheds light into why underage youngsters are arriving daily unaccompanied into the United States. As law abiding citizens we lament the fact all aspects of legal immigration are being violated, little attention is being paid as to why these you....
 Digesting the Pill of Arrogance Digesting the Pill of Arrogance
Where there are no expectations, there are no disappointments. The anguish in our nation is derived from the fact so many had such high expectations of our current leader. As we heard the speeches, the grand standing, the majesty of our first black president, the country lay motionless filled with....
 Invisible Threads Make Our flag Invisible Threads Make Our flag
Blended into the fabric of today’s world, there are threads we do not see. They posses colors and purpose which make us who we are. These threads give us strength, and provide the core stability we have as a nation. As citizens, we are reflections of ideals not clearly understood by those who only....
 The Truth will Set You Free The Truth will Set You Free
A preponderance of Latinos identify themselves as Democrats and both parties are actively involved in courting this multi million voting block. Neither party understands the genesis of why they choose to be Democrats. Latinos do not predominately vote democrat because they are in agreement with De....
  Implicit Bias Towards Israel-A Red Flag
We have an administration who equates language with leadership, who will unabashedly bend what they say for political expediency. The address before congress by Israel Prime Minister Netanyahu threatens the agenda of the Democrat Party. The thinking portion of our nation has already surmised Isra....
  Judgement by Appearance
As we gather enthusiasm to analyze the field of political candidates for 2016, it would be wise to understand America is wired to prefer the perception of competency rather than competency itself. In a study conducted by Princeton, researchers gathered black and white head shots of 95 races for t....
  Terrorists Need Jobs
According to the U.S. State Department and the president himself; we have to address the economic issues of Islamic terrorists. Aside from the mendacious appeal to Americas well known sympathetic nature, we can anticipate questioning from mainstream corporations who have a tendency to question d....
  All Pockets Look the Same
I am having trouble digesting the developing platform of a political party whose principle philosophy is “there are too many rich people in this country”. Rather than a blessing, fiscal advancement is being touted as an American curse. Somewhat intriguing is the fact the leading candidate marchin....
  Don’t Abandon American Values
Many of us, since the election of Obama and his league of sycophant supporters including our own congressman, have been suffering the wind of our nations frustration. The fertile fields of freedom and the nourishing crop of individual potential have been blown away; into the dust bowl of empty ho....
  A Shovel Ready State of Mind
The State of the Union Address provided a glimpse into a State of Mind of our leadership. A State of Mind devoid of reality. America is ready for the shovel ready project often found at days end inside the red barn frequented by heifers and amorous bulls. Two paragraphs were offered regarding our....
  Formation of the WhaleTeam Encouraged
Going into the bush with your primary source of defense being stealth, provokes an adrenaline spike unlike anything you can get from coffee. The movie “American Sniper” provides a glimpse into the normality and human mind set of highly trained individuals willing to endure weeks of intense trainin....
  Immigration Reform-Part II
Immigration reform will become a hot issue and will result in a roadblock with two mind sets. One determined to win the Latino vote through finger pointing, the other in solving the problem without being slaughtered at the polls. Neither party is thinking outside the box and dealing with the excru....
  Immigration Reform-Part 1
As a nation we must come to terms with immigration reform. Quasi amnesty by presidential fiat sidesteps a real resolution. President Obama has caused judicial response in review of his law by memorandum. Creating law by presidential or judicial fiat ignore the fact only congress is delegated const....
  2015 the Crossroad of Change
Expectations of living in a free, un-tumultuous society have vanished for the vast majority. The rhetoric presented to us by the glib, suave, politician who arrived to heal the nation, to join us together, to unite the fragmented masses and bring enlightenment has gone astray. It all started wi....
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