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Marzo 2, 2015,
The Hispanic Voice
Puertas Hispanas

 Surviving on a Single Can of Hope Surviving on a Single Can of Hope
For the past six years we have been subjected to living on “Hope and Change”, sixty three percent of our nation now hopes it will change. As we approach this extremely important mid-term election, we must all bear in mind voting for our convictions will be the most important aspect of our vote si....
 Understanding is Not a Gift Understanding is Not a Gift
Understanding the undercurrents and chicanery in politics is not a gift. In today’s political world where lawlessness and unconstitutional directives are being led by none other than our democrat leaders, understanding has become a punishment. Despite open encroachment and erosion of our constitut....
 28th Senate District Campaign Update Bonnie Garcia Moves Forward 28th Senate District Campaign Update Bonnie Garcia Moves Forward as Voters Cho....
Supervisor Jeff Stone running against former Assemblywoman Bonnie Garcia does not know when to leave well enough alone. Stone held a press conference to respond to reports he portrayed himself as a police officer during a road rage incident in the city of Temecula. Having read and reread the Sher....
 Bonnie Garcia Outshines Stone One More Time Bonnie Garcia Outshines Stone One More Time
Bonnie Garcia advanced voters perceptions of her in a positive way at the second confrontation with her opponent for the 28th California Senate District. She very clearly demonstrated her experience in state government much to the dismay of her opponent Jeff Stone who has none. Stone became frust....
 Bonnie Garcia is the Best Choice for 28th Senate District Bonnie Garcia is the Best Choice for 28th Senate District
Garcia has always had the reputation of telling us the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Many politicians do not like that and find ways to restate her consensus building ability. In education, Garcia is endorsed by EdVoice, with over 50,000 parents, community leaders, educators a....
  Coachella Politics in Turmoil Threats are becoming Rampant
Politics in Coachella have always been on the nasty side; controlled by a few high profile candidates proud of the well earned nickname of “Macholandia”. In the 60’s politics were worse, I can remember counter rallies and pickup trucks with rifle carrying men ready to defend their honor. The rise ....
  The Illusion of Leadership
If you keep lying to the voters, they will seriously question whether anything you say is not another self serving lie. Our Congressman Raul Ruiz proclaims to be vested in the Latino community he was raised in. To this date he has not visited the ONLY bilingual newspapers directed to the Latino c....
  Honesty and Clarity Not to be Found
When it comes to immigration reform, president Obama is again waffling between honesty and clarity. These two words define the Obama legacy. Obama as has been noted, uses his feet as a barometer for major decisions and “cold feet” deter his ability to keep his word. Whether it be red lines or ulti....
  Ignorance is no Excuse for Inaction
There is a declining percent of American voters who believe the president is being logical and reasonable in addressing the growing threat of terrorism. Voters are starting to see the difference between misconception and the truth. Our leadership is perhaps capable of logic and reason but they hav....
  A Window into Local Politics
There is a requisite among Democrat politicians, the baton must be selectively passed on. New comers must walk the gauntlet, the same path as those seeking citizenship. Wait, we, the Democrat politicians decide when. Raul Ruiz has sent me at least 200 requests for money. He already has over a MIL....
  One Vs. 14 Million
There is an outrage coming out of Ferguson, Missouri as a consequence of the shooting of a young black man killed by the police. He had just committed a crime but the entire plethora of circumstance is still unknown. Dozens of scenarios have been advanced by provocateurs, all have been proven wron....
  We Have Become A Nation of Mind Midgets
Quote of Democrat Senator Dianne Feinstein.... Dianne Feinstein:   “All vets are mentally ill in some way and government should prevent them from owning firearms.” Yep, - she really said it in a meeting in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee... Fire arms are okay for our veterans whi....
  Congressman Raul Ruiz Skips Town Instead of Voting for Immigration Reform
There is a term bandied about called “Hispandering”, a strategy amply used by Democrats to be more simpatico to the Latino. It is especially noticeable amongst Latino Democrat politicians who claim to be of “farm worker” stock. A close look at their credentials hardly reflects the life of a migra....
  America Will Become What we decide to Be
Getting a perspective of the unfolding America is difficult, with so many citizens afflicted by short term memory. Politicians have taken note. What happened two months ago is irrelevant. What happened two years ago deserves to be in historical archives. As an administration mouthpiece, Obama defe....
  Pain Hurts or Changes You
There is a Polish Proverb used when getting pulled into other peoples nonsense, “ Not my circus, not my monkeys”. Perhaps good for personal occasions but as a nation we are becoming the circus and those in charge are our monkeys! When our president says “it is my “preference” Russia cooperates a....
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