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Octubre 31, 2014,
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 All Substance is Related All Substance is Related
Half ass salutes bother me. Daily I see the president exiting from Marine One, and I witness the president giving the rod straight, squared away, saluting Marine, a sloppy curved hand, wimpy fly swatting gesture, he calls a salute. You can practically read him thinking “oh, you’re still here?” M....
 Freedom is a Choice not a Condition Freedom is a Choice not a Condition
This 4th of July week, it would be good to consider what America has stood for since 1775 when independence, freedom from England was declared. Since we are on the verge of accepting another Monarchy, though not officially asserted it is wise to place our governance in perspective. In this we....
 We are the Protectors of Tomorrows Freedoms We are the Protectors of Tomorrows Freedoms
Bob Marley said, “Some people feel the rain, others just get wet”. I doubt Bob would believe his message is being used as a metaphor for politics today. By all indication half of the country is oblivious to what our government is doing despite the fact Obama has only a 37% approval rating. Thirty ....
 Congressional Representatives 
Oblivious of Breach of Trust Congressional Representatives Oblivious of Breach of Trust
Four Hundred and thirty five Congressmen and one hundred Senators are elected to represent the United States. Plus One Vice President and One President. Five hundred and thirty seven representatives with earnings of $10,740,000 per year plus hundreds of thousands in benefits per year and life time....
 Diversity is a Derisive Issue Diversity is a Derisive Issue
The election last week left festering diversity issues. A bone of contention among Democrats was the Riverside County Supervisor race. Democrat activists held the belief it was going to be a tight race with Perez the winner. This was a non-partisan race, but for local Democrats, nothing is non-par....
  Election Numbers Coachella Valley
Election Primaries are over. A look behind the numbers reveals vulnerabilities to be exploited for the November elections. Coachella Valley, races revealed much of voter sentiments. For the Riverside County Supervisors race, John Benoit trounced his opponent by a wide margin of 58.28% for Benoit ....
  Psychosis Becoming Evident in Senate Campaign
Jeff Stones increasingly aggressive anti-woman campaign has reached a crescendo where the claim of being anti-woman has been validated. Equating political fund raising by a woman as prostitution is a slander that should not be tolerated by any sane voter. His lack of integrity and accountability i....
  Politicians Like Infants Must Be Changed
Politicians have their own versions of why they are resistant to the truth. In regards to Benghazi, with four dead Americans including our Ambassador, over thirty injured and a secret politico shield placed over any information, it seems truth and constitutional integrity take a back seat to Dem....
  Latinos Are Not Impervious to Reality
“I am not in congress to tow a party line, I think more leaders need to put people above ideology and partisanship”. Interesting take for a sitting Latino Congressman who believes if you are a Latino, you have to be a Democrat otherwise you deserve to be ostracized . As a legitimate media who stil....
  Pay no Attention to the Man Behind the Curtain
An email obtained by the government watchdog Judicial Watch shows a senior White House official advised then-National Security Adviser Susan Rice to blame a spontaneous protest from a YouTube video for the 2012 attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya. Intelligence correspondent Catherine....
  Latinos Must be Getting Smarter
There was a young man who would sell rabbit pellets as “smart pills”. After a few days, customers would return with the bellicose admonition, “these are nothing but rabbit droppings”. Of course, that substantiated the fact the pills were actually working; “now your getting smarter”. Latinos who h....
  Reaction vs. Reflection
Individually and as a national citizenry, we have opted to choose reaction over reflection. As a culture, we can attribute blame to numerous inventions all meant to make our life easier. An analysis can indeed point to the ability to make choices on numerous issues based on the rapidity and availa....
  Are We As Ignorant Today as a Year Ago?
Congress has been reduced to nothing more than a suggestion box. Our current administration in co-hoots with federal department heads thumb their nose at laws they do not like or simply by pass or rewrite through executive orders. All America gets from congress are go nowhere hearings. The Americ....
  Our National Virtue Has Become Deceit
This administration has become a cul de sac where truth enters and then is ceremoniously strangled. What we as citizens get is the mush left after the vomit. Today we are being led to believe Obama Care has reached its goal of 7 million enrollees even though there is no record of how many have act....
  Multidimensional Irrationality Governs Our Foreign Policy
It is true; the framework of meaning is multidimensional. This week, in an attempt to disavow the Mitt Romney claim during the presidential campaign that Russia was a geo-political threat, Obama pretended he never ridiculed Romney for making such a claim. Few will recall the Obama smirk and quick ....
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