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Agosto 27, 2014,
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 Pay no Attention to the Man Behind 
the Curtain Pay no Attention to the Man Behind the Curtain
An email obtained by the government watchdog Judicial Watch shows a senior White House official advised then-National Security Adviser Susan Rice to blame a spontaneous protest from a YouTube video for the 2012 attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya. Intelligence correspondent Catherine....
  Latinos Must be Getting Smarter
There was a young man who would sell rabbit pellets as “smart pills”. After a few days, customers would return with the bellicose admonition, “these are nothing but rabbit droppings”. Of course, that substantiated the fact the pills were actually working; “now your getting smarter”. Latinos who h....
 Reaction vs. Reflection Reaction vs. Reflection
Individually and as a national citizenry, we have opted to choose reaction over reflection. As a culture, we can attribute blame to numerous inventions all meant to make our life easier. An analysis can indeed point to the ability to make choices on numerous issues based on the rapidity and availa....
 Are We As Ignorant Today as a 
Year Ago? Are We As Ignorant Today as a Year Ago?
Congress has been reduced to nothing more than a suggestion box. Our current administration in co-hoots with federal department heads thumb their nose at laws they do not like or simply by pass or rewrite through executive orders. All America gets from congress are go nowhere hearings. The Americ....
 Our National Virtue Has Become Deceit Our National Virtue Has Become Deceit
This administration has become a cul de sac where truth enters and then is ceremoniously strangled. What we as citizens get is the mush left after the vomit. Today we are being led to believe Obama Care has reached its goal of 7 million enrollees even though there is no record of how many have act....
Governs Our 
Foreign Policy
Multidimensional Irrationality Governs Our Foreign Policy
It is true; the framework of meaning is multidimensional. This week, in an attempt to disavow the Mitt Romney claim during the presidential campaign that Russia was a geo-political threat, Obama pretended he never ridiculed Romney for making such a claim. Few will recall the Obama smirk and quick ....
  Change is our only Hope
Today Ukraine, tomorrow Eastern Europe. That is what is transpiring right before our eyes in regards to the Russian resurgence of power. These power plays did not start last month, it began to unravel once this administration backed off of Iran and placed it’s feckless, powerless approach to forei....
  Overt Deceit Has Infested America
We are in 2014 but the fact is we are not living in a futuristic society, rather in a primitive distortion of present day reality. We are no longer able to decipher truth from fiction because our own leaders consistently lie to us. Fortunately for them, the masses are becoming less astute in fib r....
  Leading from Behind does not Work
Since President Obama took office, the foreign policy of the United States has been “leading from behind”. Naiveté at our nation’s capitol has now brought us to the point of a Russian revival. Reagan’s efforts have gone down the drain. But, anyone younger than 30 does not even remember who Reagan ....
  A Journey in Search of Self
We have heard, “Meditation is not a means to an end, it is both the means and the end,” also “Our own life is the instrument with which we experiment with truth”. These thoughts were present in my mind while in Mexico, not far from Guatemala sitting on top of a Mayan pyramid at Ek Ballam five or s....
  We Can All be Right
Flying over Guatemala between Petapa and Nueva Santa Rosa, I was taken by the desolate landscape doted by remnants of volcanos. The white, fluffy, cotton candy cloud shrouded horizon was reminiscent of descriptives you hear of the pearly gates and the entrance to heaven. It made me wonder am I re....
  So Sue Me
The President has changed the ObamaCare, Affordable Care law 28 times. Presidents do not have that authority, only Congress can change a constitutionally passed law. We currently have representatives from both sides of the isle crying foul but in a complete quandary as to what to do. They have two....
  We Create Our Own Truth
It is not time that is passing through, it is us. Time remains eternal, our life here on earth will end as we know it. As human beings, we are daily confronted with issues around us and we chose what to deem important enough to deserve reflection. Since we are multi- faceted individuals, we certa....
  The State of the Onion
Istarted writing this article before the Presidents prime time speech. Most main stream media journalists will wait, hear it and become spell bound, in ecstasy. Having been privy to many of Obama’s prime time speeches, beforehand I can tell you, it will be a nationally televised speech giving su....
  People Do Not Read My Articles Because I am a Latino
What a ludicrous assertion. People who do not read my articles are either too busy to read “opinions” or are so consumed with their lives they have not yet gotten to “reading”. Latino has nothing to do with it! This week President Obama expounded on the fact his popularity is down because he is b....
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