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Abril 23, 2014,
The Hispanic Voice
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 Change your Mind, Change your Life Change your Mind, Change your Life
Over the years, I have read plenty of books, attended seminars, classes, presentations, lectures,the course in miracles, etc. which I now know clearly teach, “as we think so we become”. As individuals, we define ourselves. A self made millionaire is no different from a self made scoundrel or a se....
 Socialism Will Not Hurt Socialism Will Not Hurt
When government says, “this won’t hurt a bit”, shouldn’t we be wise enough by now to know it is simply not true? I am starting to believe it is easier to say “ouch” and just keep supporting the same “ol lies” than to actually think for ourselves. Our president was voted as the teller of the bigge....
 Everyday is a 
New Beginning Everyday is a New Beginning
As we approach the end of 2013, let us give thanks we are in America and can still say we are a free nation. Despite the fact our constitution is under assault by our own leaders, in the end, Americans come together and those filled with arrogance and the belief we will surrender our liberties are....
 Latinos Moving 
Beyond Magically 
Suspended Belief Latinos Moving Beyond Magically Suspended Belief
As we approach 2014, Latinos across the country who have prostituted their vote in the belief the Democrat party will make all undocumented immigrants legal are waking up to reality. The immigration bill the Senate sent to the House Is totally lacking in good faith and the non-starter of an immigr....
 Real Immigration Reform is Long Overdue Real Immigration Reform is Long Overdue
Many Latinos are still enthralled by Obama and the current administration. Latinos seem to be vulnerable to promises un-kept with the thought there is always tomorrow. Few recall it was Reagan, a Republican who good or bad gave the last amnesty. Millions of Latinos, most of them with parents made....
  Only a House Away from Venezuela
It is acceptable for you or me to engage in fanciful dialogue and Monday morning quarterbacking in theoretical governance. But, when you have our nations leaders running government like high school kids playing fantasy football, it becomes troubling, delusional and extremely dangerous for our civi....
  Yes, Dead People Qualify for Health Care
Obama Care and the web site have been declared by all facets of the Democrat Party as an irreversible actuality; they have adamantly stuck together and declared there is no going back! The fact is, 90% of attempters are not qualifying, 60% have been given erroneous cost numbers, 6% of enrollees a....
  How does Aspirin find a Headache?
As an avid reader, bookstores are preferred hunting spots. This week I bought the book by David Feldman “How does Aspirin find a Headache” simply because I was fascinated by the title. The book explores mundane questions we probably all have thought of. I was accompanied by my niece who happens to....
  The “I Know Nothing” President
Never mind the health care web site fiasco. While concerning, what bothers me the most is the fact I am finding things wrong in our nation before the President. Take Fast and Furious (arms sale to narco-terrorists by our own Justice Department), I knew about it as well as half of America when the ....
  If the Horse is Dead, Just Yell Giddie-Up
Traditionally, in common sense America it has always been, if the horse is dead, you get off. But, in Obama’s America, as it lays motionless on its side, you yell and scream giddie-up! Over a span of several articles, I have referenced social medicine in countries such as Mexico. You have to st....
  Spit Shine with Shinola
A myopic strategy on the part of this administration is placing additional burdens on veterans who have sworn an oath to defend the constitution as well as our nation. Veterans take the “lifetime” oath seriously and many have given their lives or have placed their lives in harms way as the ultimat....
  America Will be Going to Washington
Today we have party affiliated reporters who do nothing more than repeat party platforms and pursue political agendas. We have a media establishment that has surrendered itself and has become a vehicle for misinformation from an administration that has clearly reinterpreted the constitution to it....
  “Some Republicans Are Decent People”
As America sits without a budget for five years and now a government shutdown, we are expected to believe it is all the fault of those ignorant Republicans. Some of whom to quote the president “are decent people”. If this had been said about any Democrat leader, media would be having a field day b....
  Self Annihilation is not a Myth, it’s a Plan
When Mitt Romney ran for president, he was excoriated for his comment on “self deportation”. “Crude, humiliating, out of touch, insensitive, and lacking compassion” were only a few of the Democrat instigated comments. Obama led the charge. There is a notion “self deportation” is insidious and tea....
  The Era of Weakness of Purpose
“In life there are idiots who are geniuses and geniuses who are idiots”. I think we all fall somewhere in between, depending on what is our contrived motivation. I often write about world events because it is such a perfect forum to see the past unfolding as the present. In reference to Syria, w....
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